Nerding's History


Inventing Nerding

“I’ve always loved teaching STEM, and the very first Nerding summer funded the purchase of some great tech tools for my 4th grade classroom. Let’s be real. I like toys.

But as a teacher, I was faced with the age-old education problem of “never enough time”. With so much being asked of our students and teachers, so often the first things to get cut from the classroom are science and creative projects.

One answer to “never enough time” was to actually create more time. I started designing extracurricular classes that melded important academic content with cutting edge tools and engaging activities. As long as they were hands on and interactive, kids would be able to engage deeply with the content in an after school and summer setting, thus giving us “more time”.

I also saw the kinds and quality of the classes being offered after school at my campus and in summer programs. The problems were glaring: same classes being offered over and over for years, too many kids in the class, and instructors that were college age or couldn’t manage a classroom.

The answer to this one is so simple, use cutting edge tools with academic curriculum, keep student/teacher ratios low, and employ real teachers with classroom experience. The class content can be learned by our teachers relatively quickly, but classroom management and the ability to question and push kids’ thinking is a skill we hone for our entire careers.

Anyway, the rest is history. We hope to see your nerd in a class soon!” – Niecy

Our First Classes

Our first (adorably humble) summer. We kept it small and simple, holding classes at our house in Chandler.

  • 4 class topics
  • 1 teacher

Summer 2014

Expanded Our Space

We needed more space, and began using the great community room at Children’s Dental Village.

  • 10 class topics
  • 1 teacher

Summer 2015

Added After School Classes

Created more summer classes. The next school year we began Nerding as an after school program in Kyrene.

12 class topics
1 teacher (Niecy)

Summer 2016

Hired another teacher!

Expanded summer age groups to 2nd-3rd grades by hiring Mrs. Kiefer, and rented a small commercial space with 2 classrooms.

Grades 2-3 & 4-7
16 class topics
2 teachers

Summer 2017

Huge changes!!

The start of a new chapter. We rented the entire Desert Sun Campus in Chandler. Now 5 classrooms and expanded to grades K-1st!

K-1, 2-3, 4-7 Grade Levels
20+ class topics
13 teachers

Summer 2018

More Teachers, More Classes!

We rented the entire Desert Sun Campus in Chandler, again, adding more teachers and more classes!

30 class topics
20 teachers

Summer 2019

Expanded to two locations!

Eduprize in Gilbert became our 2nd summer location. 

2 Locations
30+ class topics
over 40 teachers!

Summer 2020